Get Out.

Personal Spoken Word Vibrations Dropped into the The Waves to cause a ripple: InJoy ❤ A like for a like, An eye for an eye, Blindness. Blind to the fact that you’re blind, Consuming these false realities, Inner-taintment, Reality “shows” who their father is. …The Father of Lies. Fake hair, “make-up”, Glitz, Glam and “shows”, […]

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Check In With Your Asteroids

…Especially Chiron (the wounded healer) You’ll thank me later. 🙂 In order to do this you will need your full birth chart, a journal, and really not much deep introspection because immediately you will be able to identify with what is revealed about your life within your asteroids. I am sharing this because I was […]

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Convictions are a form of heart communication with The Most High, that align perfectly for our individual best lives. There is much harmony when we align with others who share our convictions. At this place on my spiral these souls are who I choose as friends. To truly know what a person’s convictions are takes […]

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Divine Discontent

  “Whenever we are not living in our “true place” we experience what is called “Divine Discontent.” It is an inner urging that calls us forth to our next growth opportunity. Yet so often we ignore it or procrastinate on listening to it. And usually something unexpected happens to throw us into a state of […]

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Heart Chakra Healing Practices: The Practice and Power of Consistent Heart Expression via Conversation

Say it with yo’ chest is what people used to say a lot. LOL ..I guess that’s the “hip” way of saying it lol Really they are saying  : express what’s in your heart. I am just now learning the importance of expressing myself even when I don’t feel like, or I feel like I would […]

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