High Attraction Exchanges

  We hoard because we are not in touch with our true desires. I am woman so I love jewelry, this is what prompted this post LOL I am now gravitating to only the highest attraction for myself. From children we are often programmed to believe that variety or more is better and “proves” to […]

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Chosen for Regeneration

  Sometimes a bunch of drama, chaos, confusion, war, terror, “attacks”, scares, and more have to continuously happen for people to take action. This is a reflection of the state of the sacral of individuals, and the collective sacral energy. Choosing to numb the holy intuition and other times simply being desensitized. When the sacral […]

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something peaceful.

    I skipped meditation this morning. I played with my son, kissed and played with my mate. We exchanged. My son is learning to walk now and it’s so amazing to see him grow. I am aware that when I don’t take the time in chanting, meditation and prayer that I yearn for it […]

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My Re-Birth Story

      Giving birth for me has been an initiation into a deeper and higher level of my divine purpose to be a woman, nurture, protector, and a warrioress spiritually for my ancestors, and seeds of my fertile grounds. It’s funny because I feel like I am raising my father. My son looks so […]

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Go Inside and Get Some Sunshine

Stand in your personal power. Will to smile, laugh, sing, express, create freely from your light. Most people who complain about chronic fatigue have people pleasing tendencies, and are uncomfortable with setting personal boundaries around their rawness/realness/identity. Your soular plexus is your halo. Are you selling your soul? They know. They were after Yashuah’s halo, […]

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Why All Else Is Sinking Sand……

  Change is constantly happening in the All. Things are constantly dying to be reborn for another space, and or time. Some things will never return, so we must learn the lesson of valuing everything. This is the blueprint. How divine. And even more divine that I’ve accepted this internally, and have begun the sometimes arduous, […]

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