My Interpretation of Darkness & The Shadow Self

Darkness is seen as morbid… like taboo… like something that should be left alone; though we came from a very dark place (our mother’s womb, and the womb of all our mamma ancestors) and we live in a dark vast, eternal womb here on earth. We are just one of mama’s many children on this terrain with our own lessons, karma, and missions.

I like to think of darkness as a starting point and an ending point. I think darkness is eternal, just as light is eternal. They are opposites, but not really they just serve different functions and can shape shift into one another as purposed.

The shadow self is like this. It serves to show us what could be magnified. What we could overcome if we face it. It shows us often what we’d rather not acknowledge about ourselves, due to fear of imperfection, and being willing to ignore that we have blind spots.  It shows us what others may or may not see, and it shows us where our subconscious drives lie. I don’t favor light over darkness because it’s in my darkness on every level that I can truly know and appreciate my light and vice versa.

“The night is what allows us to see the stars. Darkness is nothing less than a thousand sunlights.”

Tiffanee Dee Duran


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