Freeform Hair. Cancer North Node. Seashells. My Grandmother. ..yep all these lol

Hi. Happy SUNday. Soooo I decided to freeform my hair. I would say freeform loc, but it may just not turn out that way so I am just gonna do a very chunky twist out, and from there leave it to do what it wants to do since I love the way my hair looks that way. Well this a seashell loc jewel I received from Asilia Designs to help me on my journey.

A seashell is honor of my North Node in Cancer to remind me to nurture, and reach for my North Node and shed my past life design of my South Node in Capricorn, which is such a beautiful struggle because My Sun, Mercury, and Venus are ALL in Capricorn, but I will prevail lol.

A seashell in honor of my love for the sea.I love to swim too. It’s my favorite form of bodywork. Healing for me comes through water. This has been revealed so many times in dreams, visions and mainly in real life. My Grandmother was a Cancer and I truly admire her nurturing qualities, and it’s funny because one of my cousins lately said I remind him so much of my maternal Grandmother, so I hope in me communing with her a seeking her guidance some of her “Cancerian Wisdom” can rub off on me 🙂 My Grandma was with me all throughout my pregnancy, and she was right there with me in Labor and Delivery when I birthed my son….I am excited about my path. I am excited about my hair. 🙂


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