The Spiritual Minimalist. Empty Vain Spirituality in this hour, and other feelings…

Why is spirituality and the discovery of something more vast more deep and higher than ourselves become an intellectual battle for the masses? A place for people to “out spirit” one another” lol I’ve seen so many memes that are sheer vanity with a ” spiritual overtone” to make me puke. (Spiritual Meme Overload) I wonder often is anyone else discerning what’s truly happening here or nah?  I am not just talking this I see it everyday on social media. How about what’s a haven for the fish will kill the elephant? Yes an elephant can consume about 80 gallons of water each day, and though that’s plenty o’ hydration we’d be foolish to assume his abode is the lake.  Stop overlooking the entirety of the elephant and all the things that make him who he is just because it makes you uncomfortable because you love lakes and lakes are your thing so now everyone has to live in a lake or perish. lol BUT I don’t judge this posture either because it too serves a purpose.

What I’m getting to is just as in nature there is balance, mystery, and discovery in what makes everything work out in divine purpose,timing, and what’s good for habitat both now and forever.. our spiritual walks are no different. It would make me happy to see more of a detachment from spirituality (owning it and trying to control, manipulate and soul wash people into conforming to our convictions and choices that work for us) and viewing it as a journey full of discovery of what is the true intent of the Creator for molding us into  perfectly imperfect INDIVIDUALS with a collective love…. ( depending on if you’re not necessarily an “animal lover” (whatever that is) but yet you don’t eat animal flesh.)  I move We could learn something from one another. I am not interested in anymore “teachings” unless it truly resonates with my path and it connects me with a human in heart. Having an ear to hear and having a heart to truly connect is the package for me…


I used to consume so much “information” but it’s truly just causing clutter if it’s not being burned up in a timely matter… like physical food shouldn’t just sit or it will rot in your body..yeah I don’t need to be a spiritual glutton to feel like I’m worthy. I pray. I seek., but mostly I wait for everyday opportunities to just Be. Reaching toward my higher self with loving myself, having healthy boundaries and having fun and truly in-joying the simplicity of wiping my sons nose, or watching him gaze in amazement. My reality is truly my bliss.  That is enough for me. Relationships are encyclopedias, people are books. I am more interested in true heart connection, and holding hands with those of differing purposes to watch them in awe, make them feel welcomed here and so we can engage life together. Debating is for the babes. I was there once but I am happy that I don’t desire to debate because that’s just having a bunch of mental orgasms with no real connection…that’s like empty sex…it produces no good seed ( and I’m not talking about children) I’m talking about thoughts and feelings about oneself and ones place here at large. No thank you.

We don’t need anymore gurus (this is my opinion and I’m sticking to it). We are our own master. You are your own heaven and your own hell the choice is truly yours. Self awareness and knowledge of self is key to even embrace the “collective”. So many people talk about collective consciousness but are so removed from themselves, so they use that to hide, to blend in the crowd and drain other’s life force.

PS. Don’t allow anyone to abuse you spiritually. Don’t give away your personal power. It’s okay to be open to transformation; it’s the only way to fulfillment. Please pray to be aligned with messages that you truly need and don’t become a spiritual garbage disposal. Many energetic predators are roaming the land with the mask of “guru” and “ascendant master” and “teacher”  and “healer” as a title. The spirits and souls who have helped me most don’t speak my language, and most don’t give themselves titles, and none (YESHUAH CHRIST..for ME) came to be worshiped but to point us to the ONE  (feminine and masculine energy perfectly balanced and entwined)  GREAT SPIRIT. ELOHIM who is worthy to be highly esteemed, adored, sought out  at ALL TIMES… which all Glory Honor, Praise and Recognition is due.

I can go on with names, but what would you call for you? That’s what matters…

Oh and sometimes we don’t need to dabble in all these newely ressurected healing modalities either. Sometimes it’s as simple as picking up your bed and walking (deciding to get to moving instead of being in your place of comfort on many levels) as Yeshuah told the man at the Pool at Bethesda. Al ot of these new things can sometimes rob us of new discovery of self and the Creator if were not careful…and the simplicity of healing as well.. we have to do what will work for us, which some may not feel comfort with crystals, certain forms of meditation… if at all ect..I belive the creator has something uniquely for you, and if you try to fit in you will miss it. You may need to tap into it and bring it forth so we all can learn. That’s what it’ s all about. 🙂




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