Doesn’t beg.

Doesn’t plead.

Value and Virtue will never part ways.

No apologies for the basic universal laws of cause and effect.

Reaping and sowing, and building, and destroying.

Great Mama does it, and I love that she doesn’t stop to explain why, and so we have no choice but to accept on a certain level that it is what it is. Because SHE IS.

Will power…

Something that has been under attack since the beginning.

Attention is our most overlooked currency.

Stay in your cycle.

Honor your timing mama.

Your eyes ARE the prize…. Now that the 3rd one is open don’t neglect the other two.

Yes your eye is the light of the body, but don’t leave out that if your EYES are healthy the body will be full of light. You can’t see yourself in Spirit & in Truth otherwise.

Don’t short change yourself. Fertile is as fertile does.

When the fruit is ripened and sweet you don’t have to beg for it to be picked, and just be sure to prune out the weeds now so you can grow in all your glory.


What just came to mind…. Erykah BAdu- Certainly


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