Creative Ways to Send Healing Energy Long Distance

So I decided to share this for those who have loved ones who reside far away, and because I just love my sister and… I love to create art for my blog posts and I needed a reason to LOL

My sister lives in Hawaii and we have such a deep spiritual connection, and we constantly encourage, admonish, sharpen and love on another in spite of the distance.

I thought it would be good for me to share ways I am able to share with her and send her healing energies long distance. We have faced many of the same sufferings, and so we are both overcoming similar struggles as a result. We heal one another. I love that my sister is very straightforward (Aries Sun) nothing makes me more grateful to call her sister…to me that’s the most needed quality for women and especially women of color.

I am overjoyed to be able to have a connection like I have with my sister the quality of out relationship is what fuels me because it reminds me that love is real.


Sharing in Scripture and Sacred Texts:

My sister may read me an excerpt , or precept.. or I to her and we go from there. This sends healing energies because it affirms that what we both have to share is of equal importance, and that we actually care enough about one another to allow the openness that’s very rare in this world because some people are so focused on being right than being a listening ear. We need this energy healing between us because on some level we both have experienced our sharing being blocked, so this is truly a healing exchange for us. On top of that were depositing jewels into one another’s spirit to build one another up in spirit and in Truth, that is tapping into the higher self…the eternal.


Writing Letters:

I don’t write my sister much and vice versa because I have the privilege of being able to connect with her via conversation, and sometimes video chat, but I realize everyone doesn’t have that access. Writing is organic and since we’ve gotten so far away from it…. it would be a breath of healing fresh air for your loved one to see you took the time do write to them. The handwriting, the rawness, the smell of the envelope…the whole experience of receiving and giving written emotion, and thought is priceless.



My sister is always happy to hear what new boundaries I’ve set, what I’ve learned, and how I am overcoming Codependency in leaps and bounds. I am always happy to hear how she is overcoming and what she is learning in her struggles. We heal one another by showing each other what the power of healing the will can do. After all the Creator  wills that we be strong-willed, and not weak-willed women. It feels good to celebrate our victories, and share in how we are taking our personal power back in so many areas of our lives. They overcame by the word of their testimony. 


Crystal Healing:

I order crystals and based on the things she shares with me that she is seeking freedom from, and victory over. She sends me rocks, seashells, anything from nature that is healing that she is lead to send.  My thing is crystals so I find it amazing how I can charge them with certain energies and send them to her it’s like I’m sending a piece of myself.


Meditation & Prayer:

In my prayer time I uplift my sister. We don’t really pray together much but in my own time I keep her uplifted, and in my daily meditations to visualize her life forming the way she would like it to take form. I stand in agreement with her this way. I know she prays for me too.



My sister is awesome at drawing, and writing, she sends me art, poetry whatever. I do the same for her but I mostly send paintings. Everyone knows by now that art heals. It’s a great way to keep apart of that family member with you at all times too. You can hang their piece at home, re-write the poetry in your own journal to keep it more personal..there’s so much to do to stay connected.



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