Deep Rest. Disconnecting. Energy Protection and Restoration.

Every night I turn off the box that gives me wi-fi to protect my family’s energy fields as we rest. This promotes deeper rests. I also ensure everyone is in bed before melatonin production height (12 AM) and we sleep in complete darkness. Read more about melatonin here. Proper dark and light in natural time intervals are important for overall health.

You should try turning off everything that sends waves to your energetic field (electromagnetic radiation) (TV, internet,  cell phones (if you want to leave yours on try placing a EMF busting crystal near it) computers, microwave (I hope no one still has one I got rid of mine about 4 years ago).

Also invest in some Orgone Generators and Shungite  Both are POWER FILLED. (both can also be used to purify water). I would place it near my water, not directly in my water.

In a world where everyone is “connected” it’s important to disconnect.

Nothing is free..not even that “free wifi”.. were paying with our energy fields, and our attention.

I mentioned this in a prior post.

Restoration is necessary. When you are pulled on energetically in so many ways it takes a toll on the health of the many layers of your being.

Take care of yourself. Self Care is also currency that pays us forward.

We cannot operate at our highest, deepest and widest on empty.


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