Postpartum Body. Venus.”Snapback” =Abuse.

I am 6 months and 19 days postpartum today. My postpartum body is full and beautiful just like mama venus. I am happy to be fuller. Basic math is when you ADD you have MORE not LESS.  I love Erykah for this lol have PLENTY. I have more bottom and hips, and thighs and I love that. I already had some but you know mo’ don’t hurt..well it kinda does because it’s an adjustment, but it serves a purpose those blood vessels…yummy…those breasts so full to feed. If somebody was feeding off you you would need the fullness, the roundness, a plentiful abundant spread. I still have milk, though I don’t exclusively breastfeed.

Some women feel that they want to hurry and “snapback” postpartum, and some women avoid giving life all together all out of fear that they won’t look the same as they looked before. Well this is no surprise over here in these divided states. I want to challenge that school of thought and that vibe because it’s selfish, unrealistic, anti-life, and very ignorant.

To “snap” anything is not to give it life but to break it, so you really want to break during postpartum? I don’t get it…Very abusive way to talk to your body. I heard the term so much while I was pregnant that I started to ignore people who used it because it wasn’t my goal at all. My goal was to have a healthy baby, and take care of myself. That is all.

Giving life is about transformation, forward progress , and deep lasting changes. It is one of the many life cycles on the journey of wombmanhood. It is a rites of passage. It is an honor. There is no way to go backwards now. I don’t desire the same body I had before because I am not the same wombman I once was. That is real alchemy in real time. True magic to embrace because it can only happen through you. This soul chose you to be Mamma. What an honor. Chose your body and everything to transmute and transform you into something you weren’t before. How dare we disrespect life? I see so many women using waist shapers postpartum doing all these strenuous workouts ect….and I often ask myself why but then I look around and see what images, and mis-information they ingest on a daily basis, and then I’m no longer in shock. What you sit up and look at continuously will shape your vision of what your body is supposed to look like. There is nothing wrong with exercising and being healthy but to idolize a certain body shape is very mistrusting, and won’t breed anything but disappointment and even more body image issues. Allow your body to be what it is going to be and learn to appreciate yourself no matter what. It sounds so easy, but for me it is easy because vain imaginations don’t serve me in any way. I don’t desire anything other than my reality. Wombmen are telling other wombmen that if they breastfeed the weight will drop and that’s not true for every wombman. Embrace YOU!  Reality is bliss. Please do research from sources that support life, not sources that could care less about new life. If you don’t fine tooth what you’re reading you will ingest poison that can cause harm to you, and thus your baby.

I chose to meditate on images of the goddess venus throughout  my pregnancy and postpartum. Real bodies. Real women. Do you know this image was worshiped while everyone now just wants “washboard abs”.  Some women have naturally flat stomachs, and if that is you beautiful, and if that is not you beautiful. That is not me, and never has been even with major weight losses throughout my life, and I embrace me. Begin thanking your body for what it does for you not just what it looks like. We say we don’t want people to be shallow with us but we are very shallow with ourselves. Trying to “appear” in certain ways believing it will ensure acceptance and it doesn’t.


The key is to take care of yourself by knowing what your body needs during this time to be nourished, because it is a very different time from rest, to what to wear on your skin, to clothing, meals (this may or may not be a plant based diet all cultures don’t consume a plant based diets and are at optimum health the key is not to listen to shame, guilt, outside pressure or anything else other than what makes your body the most energetic, and what your conscious can live with without self and other condemnation . Don’t allow others to condemn you either this is especially not the time for negative energies, and condemnation but to embrace all of you and start making decisions you can live with because after all you’re the one who will have to take responsibility if it does not work for you. Stand in your personal power.) It can be hard because you are most vulnerable during this time (pregnancy and postpartum) and know dark forces will send “DEBBIE DOWNERS” your way to test you, and zap you and your new seed of life giving energies…Fight the good fight by setting healthy boundaries. You’re not EVER obligated to even share your choices of self care with anyone at all. I’ve had to say “Oh i don’t openly discuss that” with so many people so many times, but it keeps the energy vamps away.




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