Maybe What You Thought You Needed You Don’t

The Lover of My Soul just Spoke to me and said  “You will have more energy for the vision if you let go of what was.”

The past drains because it holds no power yet we feed it subconsciously when we don’t confess what things in the past have been major let downs for us and which disappointments caused us to “shut up”.

After I received this message I felt  a very refreshing physical clearing beginning in my crown chakra.

You, not wanting me, was the beginning of me wanting myself. Thank you.:

Some things I confessed prior to receiving this message I never even knew I was still holding on to. It is important to let go DAILY. I am going to work on establishing a letting go ritual that’s simple and easy to stick with.  Lighting a single birthday candle while holding that thought, feeling…situation in mind and then releasing by confession and then blowing out the candle may serve to do the clearing..just thinking aloud. ❤


Wouldn't it be easier to go with the flow? How much more energy and joyful life force could you embody?:


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