Are Attachments Keeping You from Your Soul’s Purpose?

Guided Meditation Class for Sahasrara Chakra: The Crown Chakra by Peace to the People  Affirmations, Divinity, Bliss, Oneness, Wholeness  #meditation #chakras #sahasrara #meditate #mindfulness:


Yesterday when I had my crown baptizing  I was surprised as I thought where I had the shadow was the heart chakra, when really it was the crown. My attachments to familiarity was blocking my spiritual walk, and turned my walk into a stand-still in some ways.

Our attachments can serve to keep us from our purpose. I mean after all we want our family and friends to get the best of us so-to-speak but though that it a natural desire it’s not always the highest order for us.

We have to leave that space clear and open for what belongs there because then we create clutter, congestion, and stagnation. We have to learn to stop holding people in places just for comfort but trying to call it “apart of our purpose”. We’re doing our faith and growth a great disservice.  A lot of people we’re attached to may be still connected to an old belief system we once held, thus holding space for them in old ways is like holding ourselves hostage to the old belief system. This is not to say we have to totally disconnect ourselves from them (although  it may happen naturally when we do soul tie/ cord cutting) but this is to say that we need to cut the old cords energetically and re-establish new ones based upon who we are today.

Knowing thyself is a crown chakra booster, as well as being able to let go and trust spirit.

Being guided was never my issue it was knowing I am protected while being guided that was. That’s what makes us stay the course and not go in circles spiritually (not spirals) is total trust otherwise we won’t grow because where we are being lead, we won’t go.

Trauma’s that affect The Crown Chakra’s operation:

Crown Chakra: Spiritual abuse, forced religiosity, blind obedience, misinformation, lies, withheld information, invalidation of one’s beliefs.


When we can release with love and light with no harm intended we then open space for those who will walk with us on our renewed paths.

Uncovering The Crown Chakra I The Awakened State:


Good morning everyone, I think we are ready to proceed to the crown chakra we…:


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