Know your Purpose by Knowing Thyself. Your Gift to Humanity Depends on It.


I have always found that when I try to share my visions or even “launch a vision” with people  I am familiar with there is always some type of blockage there that abort the mission. This has been very frustrating, disheartening, confusing and sometimes hurtful. It wasn’t until I got back into studying astrology (like I had been from the age of 12) and took a deep look into my birth chart that I realized why all these missions had been aborted, and that was about a year ago, but even when I read it in my birth chart the revelation didn’t really connect for me until yesterday evening.

This also caused blockages to my crown and throat chakras because part of my divine communication I subconciously decided to shut off (shut up) because I started to believe that the visions, messages, and duties I was reciving from the Most High for my life where somehow distorted.

It turns out that the reason why I could not complete what I set out to do was because I was seeking to connect and live out my life’s purpose totally opposite of the way the blueprint is mapped out for me. I will find my purpose in connecting with people of foreign lands, and cultures, and connecting with people who already do much humanitarian work, and are deeply spiritual in their path, and practice many different paths to the Most High Divine. Also my purpose includes working deeply with wombmen and children. Humanitarian efforts..which I love saying so I keep typing lol (which I’ve always done in groups and alone) I am just happy to know that art and humanitarian and spiritual work is all there because all of these things I’ve been burning with passion about since as long as I can remember: This is where my TRUE fulfillment lies. Also another aspect of my chart reads that I will find much success away from familiarity, and family of origin. (I consider my friends family too). I really love the Most High for my blueprint. lol Now let’s see if I live up to my highest, widest, and deepest self.


Until YOU Make the Unconscious  Conscious, It WILL DIRECT Your Life and You Will CALL IT FATE! What Do You Call it?? Gerard the Conscious  Gman in NJ!!:

None of this truly surprises me as I always find affinity with those from other places, and every time I travel I make a friend or two.  One of my most meaningful friendships has been with someone from Africa ( I LOVE YOU ADJOA IF YOU READ THIS! ) lol Also, though I love my family something about their ideals and values (because they have almost always been radically different from my own) has felt restrictive. This doesn’t change the deep love I have for any of my family members, but it has caused lack of intimacy in some ways. Honestly, I have distanced myself from family/friends because of this very factor not realizing it was never them personally that was the problem but the type of relationship I sought to have with them because of my own personal blueprint. Now that I am aware I know how to approach them in different ways and actually have a deeper appreciation for what we do have instead of trying to create something that just isn’t meant to be.

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I believe this is why astrology is so important because  if you don’t know your blueprint you will face many blockages, and cause yourself so much unnecessary suffering because you are working against the plan.  We are limitless, and yes we can live beyond the blueprint (use it to know our limits, and turn our weaknesses into strengths) but we can’t get around the blueprint. (if that makes sense) This is just my belief.

This also goes for relationships. Sometimes we want to work certain things out with certain people but if we try our composite compatibility we will see that  sometimes what we are trying to force is just not meant to work that is not to say it may not work out in a different way but maybe you and that person are better off as hobby friends, or yoga buddies, or prayer partners; than trying to establish a business together or live together, or even travel together. Know thyself, and know others. I have never tried a composite that wasn’t spot on…and of course because the positions of the stars change the nature of our relationship with others change too. Nothing is a standstill in the InIverse. Of course if you don’t “believe” in Astrology or it just doesn’t resonate with you then this post is absolutely not going to benefit you in any way. I am gifted in readings, and astrology has been a great part of my life work (mainly privately) because I grew up in a Christian home. But of course that has changed as I’ve established my own value system, and I do what resonates with me free of guilt and self-condemnation.

Souls tend to go back to who feels like home. N.R. Hart:


I would be unkind to not leave you with a tip: Don’t abuse astrology. It is such a sacred gift. Definitely seek The Most High before delving in, and also don’t use it to NOT seek The Most High. Astrology is a resource NOT The Source. Whenever we worship the things created over The Creator we automatically invite imbalance and spiritual dis-ease (in the case of astrology). Please tread with wisdom, and if it something doesn’t seem, or feel right to you put it down. Don’t judge yourself. Trust your gut/intuition/ Holy Spirit. The only reason I am able to so assuredly embrace astrology is because I can deeply accept the unknown as well. Trust. No matter what it is all working for your greater.

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