Vertex Alchemy: Crown Aura Offerings with Interpretation.

“Higher Reflections”

Hindsight is foresight. For soul knew. Spirit knew. I am just remembering the spiral.

As I reach this point it feels lonely but that’s when I am touched most by my orbs.

They bathe by feet with Juniper and salts, and caress them in amethyst essence oil and send me on my way.

All they give me is nods, because my higher communication is being strengthened.

I feel now the only voices I need is to trust is hers (my inner child’s) my own, and Elohim.

“Humble Beginnings”

My head is bowed in reverence. My antenna’s are being re-birthed.

All of this subtle communication feels so loud, and so sometimes I get afraid.

What am I hearing?

My origins.

“Lilac Dreams”

Goodbye rigid “belief system”

Hello Probabilities 🙂

Lilac dreams deeper because she is in a true state of rest.

She does not fear being wrong because she just IS.

Her creator is not looking for her perfection that already exists but her trust in spite of what she deems imperfect. Her minds hands are open.

She is well knowledgeable of her human flaws, and struggles, and acknowledge them so they are at the forefront of her reality, so when approaching others she doesn’t serve rigid, but graceful.

She serves Lilac petals. Soft and sweet.

 She can deeply dream because she realizes she doesn’t have to make others feel awkward for dreaming. Because they are just like her.

She realizes she is one with them so she learns all she can. She is crown, and royal because she sees the divine in every living being.

She can dream because her mind is open to new vision.

She doesn’t need all the answers…beautiful dreamers don’t want them.

Desiring to “know all” blocks her dream state.

She’d rather just trust, and dream.

Her dreams are her guidance.


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