Fertile Illuminations. Law of Reciprocity.


Firstly my etsy shop is closing in a few days so get what you can now.  I truly love my eye, and how I am gifted to do so many artistic expressions, and I never really have to reach out much to manifest what my mines eye envisions. I realize that this is truly a gift, so I have no fear of asking to be reciprocated for what I bring forth. It’s the same as the earth (feminine energy). The earth gives, and flourishes, and nourishes MORE when we reciprocate.


I was reading a very interesting article about what the earth loves for us to offer. I have been offering many things to earth for the last 3 or so years to say thank for all she produces for me and my family. The Law of Reciprocity blocks takers. I don’t apologize for having my hand out because I always have my hand open to both giving and receiving, and those who I attract love to give as much as I do.


So if that’s you well drop your shop link here, or whatever services you offer, because I love to give too. 🙂 ❤





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