Information Overload.



Even though there is a lot of building, loving, and “connection” (seemingly more-so) here online. Information (overload) keeps you from utilizing higher communication with The Most High (don’t just watch …..pray too  because just watching makes us busybody’s, and idle, it also tempts us to not seek higher instruction (as often) and can block intuition in a lot of ways because that’s the “new” spiritual warfare. You know you experience something in real time, but because someone can come on make a vid, post something ect.. in attempts to alter reality you begin to question your nudges. DON’T FALL FOR IT.  Most things you don’t need to know, and if you are honest you didn’t desire to know before the internet boomed. No one has to get to know you personally when they can just call you “sis”, and “queen” off of a few likes in the name of “resonance”…what a time to be alive lol Leave me out of it. lol

Circle of Concern vs. Circle of Control 2013-10-15-circleconcerncontrol.jpg:



Can you even imagine asking your mom to call the neighbors to see if they're home??:

…..and it’s till true today, don’t allow a couple of “easy” “friendships” that require no true intimacy or insight into not only the good but the ups, down, flaws and all that can only be truly felt on every level in real life make you settle. There is always the temptation, but I refuse to fall. Social Networking isn’t more convenient, fun, exciting, useful, reaching, transforming, life changing, or authentic… it’s just a barrier to true intimacy…what humans really fear. Say for instance you follow 500 people. So does that mean on a daily basis in your everyday life you are willing to walk up to potentially 100 strangers a week to exchange with them? Some would say yes I sure would. Let me ask you this would it bother you if they didn’t want to connect back and shared that openly with you? Would it bother you if you constantly reached out to tell them how much you liked their hair, outfit, expression only for that to be one-sided? What i am saying is we can’t deny the way social media is shaping us to be dishonest on every level. I vowed to myself only to this blog. I am on Facebook but I mostly commune with people I actually engage in real life. I unfollowed over half the people I was following on instagram. It’s just not worth my upper energies like that because really it doesn’t produce much.

People often complain about lack of time when lack if direction is the real problem.  Zig Ziglar:

Real life communing, seeking information spiritually, praying together, heightened relying on spirit and intuition has to be prioritized or we will be robots. My next line of healing work has an online shop associated with it, and so to balance everything out I plan to spend less and less time on other social networking platforms, and my passion likely won’t be announced on either one.  It doesn’t make us more “spiritual” or “in tune” to abstain from social networking as much but it does encourage deeper spirituality, and being truly connected by using self-control and balance when networking., keeping at the forefront not to put too much energy somewhere that wasn’t designed for you to be truly fulfilled in your throat, third-eye, and crown in the first place. We have to never forget to truly commune.


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