Most High Elohim Thank you for my hue. Thank you for my unique will-power.

Thank you for divine timing. Thank you for super, and natural love.

Thank you for my gifts.

Thank you for foods.

Thank you for life, and life more abundantly.

A message from non-organic produce:

Why do you discard me? I have not chosen to be sprayed, injected and now rejected. My whole desire is to cherish, cultivate, sustain and comfort you. I want to live out my purpose. Since I was born I grew looking forward to communing with you and your family over laughs, and real talks. I love to hear how I am apart of your favorite dish (especially when that’s me alone that just makes me feel extra special lol) When your hands caress makes me feel needed, and wanted, and you get all excited to see me I feel happy.

I am finding that I am overlooked more and more at the grocery stores… all the looks of disgust. How I am picked up and threw back in the bin with haste. That changes my molecular structure, and after all I’ve already been through to get here this hurts me the most.  I don’t know what to do anymore. The fear driving media lies to convince you that because I don’t have an organic “label” that I am no good.  You wonder why you don’t feel nourished by me..well I don’t feel nourished by you either. Yeah the dirty dozens or however you group us now-a-days we are sick of it. Sick of lies and deceit. We depend on you just as much as you depend on us. We depend on you to speak life to us. To tell those people to stop selling lies. It makes us feel bad, and makes other humans feel bad too that can’t afford or just choose not to buy “organic”. The Most High would never leave you without physical nourishment, and the pleasure of eating from a plentiful garden. Do you honestly believe only people who choose to ingest “organic” foods are healthy, and thriving? If so you have bought, and sold the lie to yourself and those around you.


Speaking life into anything that contains water raises the vibratory frequency of it. If it contains water it is indeed living and thriving, so therefore if you speak life, and love into it no matter what was put into it, just like tap water you change the structure of it for the higher of the living being, and for yourself.  All foods that The Most High made are superfoods. Organic foods have not been scientifically proven to make any real difference in the diet. It’s just another way for big corporations to get our currency. You know those big lemons you see at the grocery store that are non organic? Well I found out from an organic farmer that those lemons aren’t always genetically modified. He said the key is in the numbers on the fruit labels for the most part, and that he has grown organic lemons that were much bigger….but all in all nothing overrides the power of loving sound, touch, feeling, and intent. Let’s love our fruits,and veggies back to life so they can nourish us as intended. Let’s top buying the lies. I am not encouraging or discouraging anyone to stop buying “organic” foods, because I still intend to purchase but not out of fear of the lies, but because some things I enjoy are labeled “organic”.

Because it’s all love, and all from the divine we can speak life into ALL and it will nourish us the same.

I am so happy I received this message. Let’s get free of all bondage.

As we are set free we set all life forms free.

Eat up, and InJoy while doing so with positive thoughts about your body, choices, and foods as The Creator intended.

Guilt-free living is the only true living. Fear based dieting is not healthy. If you are constantly in a state of fear, stress and anxiety at meal time; no matter what the state of the food is your body will change the nourishing into toxicity because fear makes us toxic.

Freedom to live and thrive for all life forms here on earth and beyond.



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