Healing Share: Where to Order Quality Pocket-Sized Orgonite




These came in the mail for me on yesterday and as soon as I opened the package I immediately felt a major energy shift in my entire being and in my home.

He ever so kindly sent me free ones too. How beautiful.



Description from Orgonite5D:

“All Orders will receive 3-4 mini Orgonite pocket pieces free with every order. Buying these for 6$ will get you 10 more to place around house, keep in pocket, and gift. These pocket pieces are specificly designed to be carried for on the go. I gift Orgonite as much as possible and gifting to someone you feel that could use some positive vibes would be a great idea also. They are loaded with powdered crystals which include Quartz, Rose Quartz, extra Black tourmaline and stainless steel metal. I add extra Black tourmaline because this crystal has an amazing ability to suck in the negative energy from electronics and even people. This allows for the Orgonite to transmute more energy faster. When we are in public places we encounter an immense amount of radiation and EMF frequencies. Not to mention we keep our cell phones in our pockets. I am giving these away free with every order because there is no amount of money in the world that can possibly make up for getting rid the effects of your cell phone. If you would like to purchase extra I will be selling them as well.

10 pieces for 6$ per piece if you would like to order. Remember you get 3-4 free per order. They make great gifting for people you see while in public places, at the store, at your work, at the gym, at a yoga class, at a healing session. Since Orgonite so extremely uncommon it gives someone a chance to experience Orgonite for the first time. Introducing Orgonite is an amazing experience; you’ll get to hear first hand on how their experience is.”


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