Revolutionary Self- Love and Tidbits of Honesty




I have decided that nothing will be in vain, and to truly value my pearls…

I am surprised at my will power…but not really, because I’ve always been persistent in one way or another just not in this place.


What does being “nice” benefit but the other person?


Niceness is normally a facade at best..

Trust me I’m just as cute declining your requests as I am when I am putting on a facade after all this is just an encounter…trust me if your shallow…your shallow ass won’t know the difference. lol

Showing up for self-love requires all of the determination from every ounce of blood from you, and your ancestors. But we come from resilience, so it’s there. Don’t allow people to coddle you too much…you know the Mr. Intentionals…they help you out in the name of love. Stand on your own 2, and have your own best interest at heart.. knowing that there are millions of ancestors, and angels lighting your path. We are anything but helpless, and normally when someone wants to stroke a black woman it’s in more than one way. Sad but it’s the way things are. The faster we embrace that the struggle was meant for the warrior (in SHE) the more we will stand.  Resilience isn’t for those who have nothing to protect. Resilience is for the woman who knows she is a woman…she know she got thangs lol Sure every being needs rest, deep relaxation, a bad-gyal spiritual practice (connection to the Divine Mother-Father) 🙂 and much more…truly when these are embedded into our subconscious via lifestyle changes that take a helluva lot of determination BTW…we don’t need your damn “rescuing”..especially when we are left to our imagination and manifestations..




So… you..

If you want a voice to ear, or face to face conversation don’t allow someone to coerce you to settle for a text…

If you desire comfort don’t settle for convenience, because that too comes with a price tag that’s often hidden. My peace is not for sale.

If you want a home cooked meal don’t settle for fast food..

If you want money for your pearls, set your price and don’t compromise. If you want to barter don’t compromise…but either way be clear in your intentions. If not, nothing you touch will prosper.

If you want freedom don’t settle for routine.

…..Revolutionary self-love because self- hate propaganda is persistent.




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