Lifestyle of a Peculiar…

My son no longer has to leave home for childcare.

I truly appreciate my son’s father. He constantly has our child’s entire well being at the forefront of his agenda.

I am excited to begin activity plans for my son and more…

This is the beginning of what I’ve prayed for. I don’t care what anyone says no one will care for your child the way that you do so it’s important to decide what you want for the highest of your little blissing’s well being prior to them being born. All the steps may not go according to plan but trust if you’re seeking and knocking consistently you will look up one day and your ideal lifestyle will begin to sprout.


I appreciate beginnings…I appreciate my baby being home. ❤

Sometimes when we are in the forgotten state we feel that we won’t be able to live and co-create the lifestyle that serves us (the peculiars). But the truth in love is that we will when we have unwavering passion, faith and a consistent line of communication open to our ancestors and The Most High.  Thank you Grandma I know you had your hand in this. ❤❤





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