Heart Chakra Healing Practices: The Practice and Power of Consistent Heart Expression via Conversation


Say it with yo’ chest is what people used to say a lot. LOL ..I guess that’s the “hip” way of saying it lol

Really they are saying  : express what’s in your heart.

I am just now learning the importance of expressing myself even when I don’t feel like, or I feel like I would be over-communicating. Why? Because often resentment sets in when we don’t immediately express what we feel. I have a tendency to reflect on things before I immediately respond, but some things require real-time expression so what you truly feel can be transferred to the recipient in raw energy form. It’s like when a person records a song live. It’s a masterpiece and the vibration will never be as strong again because that was pure in-real-time intent manifested.

Some things can be gauged for later but trust your heart and express it when needed, which most of the time that should be done when it’s felt. There is so much wisdom, power, and self-knowledge we obtain this way. We are also able to asses what’s real in our relationships.  So much heart expression I kept to myself because I don’t like to argue, and so I would automatically assume a posture as the mute because what’s the point if what I am expressing is going to be combated, mis-inner-stood or ignored all together.  I have a tendency to attract very strong-willed people (I’m Plutionian) and I have a strong will as well but the Libra Rising in me would often keep silent because there was a side of me that tried to have peace at all cost. (Which is pseudo peace) More like stuffing true feelings, and blocking up my heart energy center in a major way.

This posture also attracts people to you who only want to see things their way, and express themselves until the cows come home, but as soon as you open your heart they turn a deaf ear. It’s obvious because they combat most of what you say or find a way to undermine what you have expressed, or they just won’t have a supporting and open posture with you. The relationship would be if not kinda..very one-sided.

I am so happy I decided to protect myself energetically as I healed and balanced out this heart center here. It’ s not to say I have ended all relationships that mirrored what I expressed above unless there was a strong inclination to, but the ones I have maintained I’ve definitely set healthier boundaries, and I have definitely been able to honestly discern and learn that you cannot call everyone your comrade or friend, and that’s okay. They have someone who they will be a friend to. Trust me someone they do listen to…just not you for some reason or another, but that’s not for you to figure out. Do what you know is best for you, and make a decision with peace, love and inner standing as the gauge.

Don’t harbor self-resentment because you weren’t allowed to express yourself. Have compassion for yourself. Surround yourself with self-love on all levels, and keep on your spiral.

I am able to detect earlier in relationship if someone is truly open to me or if they just want me to be open to them. I am thankful for this, as the healing doesn’t have to be as intense after the decision to protect love. Protecting love does cause pain because we have been conditioned to believe that to love means to be boundary-less, when the opposite is truth. It is painful to distance yourself from family, and other ones who you once held closer, but accountability must co-exist. We also have to hold ourselves accountable for not speaking up, and question when we feel the need to put a “filter” on with certain individuals. In my personal experience these are people who don’t want to see us fully, and therefore a change in relationship dynamic has to take place as not to feed the dis-eases that manifest from not fully expressing your heart.

Some people feel good to the body, feel good to have spiritual conversation, even do community work, link up with others, do a project or two, exchange artistically, or whatever your gift is but when it comes to the core (the heart) there’s no connection, and if there is no heart connection you have no real connection (at least not enough to call friend, or loved one).

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Practice taking time each day to listen to yourself and express your heart truths to yourself. This makes it easier to do with others as well. When we don’t fully show up with others it’s because we aren’t being authentic within.

I try to do this with myself each day.

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Express your heart. Don’t block yourself from knowing who you truly are at the core, and don’t prevent others who truly want to connect, and who you truly want to connect with as well to be short-handed. You have lots to share, give, and express.

Also notice when you’re the person who’s always there when real shit hits the wire and they turn to you for those times but yet on a regular they have their ears and eyes open to ones who don’t really have their best interest at heart at all. Their lenses are clouded and their receptors are mis-routed at the time. Don’t judge. Forgive, and inner-stand that if that’s not you today maybe that was you once. The kind of being to ignore ones who actually seeks you out and you give all your attention or spent a lot of time trying to get the attention of those who could truly care less.

Let’s truly start living from the heart ya’ll.

That’s where the true (green) wealth is….in relationship with self, others and everything we touch .

I also want to sage my heart chakra by expressing my deep forgiveness of anyone who I’ve felt blocked me in expressing myself, and ones who I have blocked unintentionally. I’ve never been the type to hang up, ignore phone calls, texts and e-mails or just ignore anyone, but that doesn’t mean that I was always open to people’s hearts totally either. We all have shadows.  I do forgive deeply and prayerfully I am forgiven. Thank You with infinite petals of gratitude to blossom your entire life.



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