Divine Discontent



“Whenever we are not living in our “true place” we experience what is called “Divine Discontent.” It is an inner urging that calls us forth to our next growth opportunity. Yet so often we ignore it or procrastinate on listening to it. And usually something unexpected happens to throw us into a state of having to listen.” –Christina Watson


A ” dating relationship” of 5 years with deep crying immediately following each sexual encounter. -Divine Discontent

Moving to North Carolina because of abuse that I was facing at home, just to find that the person I had given myself to from my true heart had growing to do, just as I, and had childhood wounding just as I so there was little to no comfort in the arms of him either. I was just in the way of him living his life, and I needed to go within…but I didn’t I ran. -Divine Discontent

“Church as I knew it (the one I grew up in) didn’t feed me anymore, so I decided to leave, and seek out another group to fellowship with, just to leave there and not fellowship with anyone for a couple of years just to marry a Minister, and for him to be told that I was basically a heathen for not “officially joining” the fellowship he had chosen to join for himself…. and to be in this same marriage with no spiritual growth together (walking together spiritually by way of a deep sharing and synchronicity of our experiences, and open acceptance of my differing “interpretations of scriptures”. I felt totally disregarded unacknowledged, and ignored in several ways in this “relationship” -Divine Discontent


Attracting abusers (spiritual, mental and physical) especially ones who needed deep healing on an emotional energetic level. Narcissist. People who only see things their way, and who rarely admit (if ever that they are wrong, or even look into the possibility of them being wrong in confrontations). Me having conversations with people, or people reaching out to me just to be heard, but not to hear me.- Divine Discontent

(I didn’t realize they were a mirror. A reflection of everything I needed to stand for within self. They were me just on the opposite end of the spectrum. They had under-active heart chakras, and I had an overactive one.)

Attracting insensitive people- Divine Discontent

I am no victim, and that brings me much joy…that’s such a low vibration to operate from though my life for the most part has been abuse ridden. The only way this can happen is when your true heart calls but you keep ignoring the calls, or answering and then hanging up. Your heart will even attempt to send you a text, and an e-mail, a letter in the mail (now this is not literally but metaphysically) to get your attention. If you go years ignoring yourself what do you expect to attract?

The attraction is to get your attention, and allow situations to play out to open your awareness to your heart. The attraction is not to say you are a bad person or others are bad people. We are just wounded people in need of deep love on the cellular level. We attract and are drawn to things for our highest good, and deepest transformation. Now that is also to say for some people that you attract in your wounding sometimes breaking ties with them is the greatest thing you can do for them and yourself. They get to see where they have been ignoring their truths and you get to acknowledge yours, and both (if the choice is made) have yet another opportunity to tune within the heart, be real, and heal.


The 4th strand of the DNA for all of humanity (the 4th energy center (the heart)) is severely wounded, and has been for billions of years now … So that’s the vibration that we came in on. You have to think about how long slavery and other in-humane acts have been in place before we got here, and how many laws of the land were put in place to keep the wounding intact, which creates generational stress, confusion, and insensitivity. Also we attract what we have not yest overturned in our bloodlines (this is also divine discontent).


Every wounding is an opportunity to change your heart.  If you have an overactive heart chakra like myself these woundings serve as an opportunity to set healthy boundaries, be bold, and live very very vibrantly. I was operating from a pseudo heart that I had put in front of my real heart because so many things had happened to me that I felt like my real heart couldn’t take anymore pain. I would contemplate suicide, overeat, have empty sex, abuse my body, give people the time of day that the real Alysia never would, abuse my spirit, give with no boundaries, not protect myself, not speak up for myself, remain in places and relationships that were unhealthy,  I had an abortion, ect.. . I felt life-less like I was just gong though the motions because I was. I wasn’t living from my true heart. It was too much work to go there …so I thought subliminally. On a deep level I knew to face my real heart (true self) was going to cause some things to come to the surface that I didn’t want to deal with because I felt it would be way too overwhelming emotionally. I thought my divorce was the “last “straw” when actually it wasn’t. Giving birth to my beautiful son was.  From that point on I began to see things (mainly myself) as I truly was.

How I had been insensitive to myself, ignoring myself for years. how I sounded like a broken record time and time again and the same themes kept popping up relationally that started with my relationship with myself.

If you are ignoring yourself…expect to be ignored.

If you are abusing yourself…abuse is your divine discontent.


Everything you complain about or feel hurt behind with others is ALWAYS a direct reflection of what you have been to yourself.

I am truly thankful for every abuse, every NO, every time I’ve been taken for granted, every time I was ignored, every time I felt a person was an enemy in disguise because these experiences has re-birthed my original heart (upper thymus(inner child) TRUE SELF. These experiences have pointed me to the true enemy within (my pseudo heart). I evicted my pseudo heart this week, and so far I’ve been truly glowing UP!

Late bloomers (Leaders of The True School) y’all are the bomb we ARE the bomb. It took us a long time and many lessons, signs, and warning to get it, but look how resilient and persistent our hearts are? Still was making the call. That’s how much we love ourselves truly. It’s just been covered up by all the issues of life. Now I truly see why the Bible says guard your heat, because from it flows the issues of life, and because the heart is a reflection of the true self. So essentially we must guard and protect our purity and essence, growth, and abundance =SELF = (green)= heart

No two heartbeats beat to the same rhythm: march to YOUR drum

No two hearts flow in the exact same pattern- Be UNIQUELY YOU!

Your music stops when you stop listening to your heart… (especially us overactive heart folks) you can dance endlessly to your life song, but when you aren’t and you’re trying to dance to someone else’s the song won’t sound good. You will stop being truly happy, and you will stop moving (dancing) I read that because the upper thymus is tied to the spiritual world, and dreams when we have an overactive heart chakra we can receive dreams and visions of another’s and interpret them as our own. I think this is another reason we attract very strong willed people who have an agenda for us. I am so glad I have an agenda fro myself. If you don’t have a plan for your life someone else does. Follow YOUR HEART and ask The Most High to clear out any false visions, hopes, and dreams so you can get direction for the ones that are truly yours. There will be little if any inner or outer harmony when you’re not on your unique note.

For the last couple of weeks the heart chakra has been my place of uncovering and deep excavation….very revealing.


A lot people are selling soul (heart) and they don’t even realize it.

BeYoutiful & Glow up!



the desire to know your own soul will end all other desires. -rumi:



I know my own truth. I trust my own voice. I believe my own heart. I see with my own eyes. I speak my own mind.  Trust yourself. It's a hard lesson but it makes life so much easier and happier.   From the FREE Confidence Course: http://www.prolificliving.com/21series:


“Shed who you think you are, to experience who you really are.” ~ Evita Ochel. Greetings  We sometimes pretend to be someone we are not, because we want to fit in or, be accepted or, even because society says different. When we continue to wear a false mask, we live in discontent, frustration. anger and sadness. When you simply be who you truly are, you may not have the support of humans, but you definitely have the support of God and all that is Divine. That makes us powerful. cindyshealing.com:



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