The Glow UP!

Just sharing few inspirational quotes on the journey of balancing the heart chakra, healing old wounds, and glowing up!

Growing Heart on Samsung Galaxy S8 (revised)In-JoyGreen Heart on Google Android 7.1


100+ Motivational Quotes On Dream, Goal And Future:
You are not too busy for yourself. Time is currency. It’s all in how we choose to pay ourselves. I want to be abundant in self-knowledge because I will always have myself. Prioritize self, and you will attract the same. 

Detaching with love is an important goal in Al-Anon recovery. When this is a struggle, codependent behaviors like people pleasing and controlling others make detachment difficult. Click the image to read more.:


Wherever you are be all there - Jim Elliot hand drawn type by Melissa Horrocks:
Or don’t be there at all. Singleness of heart.

I got my own back


when people attack you for speaking, the best way to drive them nuts is to smile and carry on speaking, louder, more wisely, more intensely, more articulately than ever."   - Neil Gaiman:


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