Convictions are a form of heart communication with The Most High, that align perfectly for our individual best lives. There is much harmony when we align with others who share our convictions. At this place on my spiral these souls are who I choose as friends. To truly know what a person’s convictions are takes time. But for the health and wellness of all it’s worth the time.


There is no information overload with awareness…this came to me today in the bathroom…why are bathrooms such a place of sacredness for me? lol  Well, we live in an information age, so we are bombarded with so much “information” that it can drown out the inner-knowing. Because I’ve been in this place, and am still in this place of heart/throat chakra my awareness has heightened and I realize for myself that to be aware is our greatest super power. There you are able to access your personal knowledge, and from that place you will no longer have the need or desire to overload yourself with too much knowledge of things that you truly don’t need to know.

Knowledge on a need-to-know basis is very healthy, and it protects us from the sin of idleness.

In this “information age” we can easily become knowledge gluttons, but yet our intuition is greatly starved/ our signal of communication with The Most High Divine and our Higher Selves is muffled because of it. Also, when we take in too much we are not guarding our hearts, as instructed and so then our true desires run the risk of being confused with other people’s “stuff”.

Awareness is just fresh air to the heart space for me.

I just wanted to share this as well….

As an artist it has been brought to my awareness that in this age where art and expression is more expansive that we must ask ourselves honestly am I creating to openly communicate with those who are on my same frequency, or am I creating to try to conform others to my version of reality, not being sensitive to the truth that they just may not agree with me, or what I express may not be true for them? I have never had artistic frustration along the lines of who gets it, and who doesn’t, because I’ve just sought to communicate, but now I am highly aware that this is not everyone’s intent and therefore even “beautiful things” can be created to manipulate.

Antennas UP!


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