Get Out.

Digital Mixed Media Artwork by I: Indigo. 

Personal Spoken Word Vibrations Dropped into the The Waves to cause a ripple: InJoy ❤

A like for a like,

An eye for an eye,


Blind to the fact that you’re blind,

Consuming these false realities,


Reality “shows” who their father is.

…The Father of Lies.

Fake hair, “make-up”,

Glitz, Glam and “shows”,

Bright lights , Dark souls,

Reality is far from something they know…

Clouding the third,

They are getting in formation,

Now are you?

Get Up Get Out and do something don’t let the days of yo’ life  pass you by,

We got to get up get out and do something cause I n I gots to do for U n I.


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