Are you Hooked?


We ARE the vessels of gold at the beginning and end of the rainbow.

You ARE the light at the end of the tunnel.

Expansion. Singularity first, and then addition. This is the order of the universe. The divine order/ mathematics of The Great Spirit (Mother/Father Perfect Balance) in which all praises and honor is due forever, and ever Amen.

Thank you Jill Scott: 1 is truly the magic number.





plural noun: chords

  1. 1.

a group of (typically three or more) notes sounded together, as a basis of harmony.

“the triumphal opening chords”


Step out of harmony with people/ places, and things that no longer serve you by changing your vibration…

Yes you’re a transformer.  ❤

The cord is automatically losing massive energy when you change your vibration (note) because you step out of agreement with “old tunes” …sing unto the Lord a NEW song. Even The Most High gets tired of us signing the same old sad song. It’s like we have the power to change the song (our energetic vibes, thus coming out of agreement with things that cause friction and noise) so we won’t keep the broken record going, and fasting, praying about the same mess over, and over again. JUST DO IT!


New Living Translation
A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken. Ecclesiastes 4:12

It is not easy to break cords (physically, energetically, and psychically) but it is a MUST for total sovereignty and self-governance.


Cords also reperesent communication (phone lines, land lines, Ethernet, internet)

I wrote this post for those of us who truly want to unhook.


Be wise in your communication., realizing we live in an age where computers are utilized a lot for communication, because you do have an adversary who seeks to sift you like wheat, be aware that you create, and strengthen a line of communication each time you share something, which can strengthen cords that you are diligently working to sever (because you never really know who’s still holding you in their energy field by watching you). Share your truths in light of this.  Commune only where you are truly heard and seen, which is not online. A screen is a form of a filter. Most things should be written in a personal journal, shared with self and The Most High, and kept there, and if led shared within the boundaries of healthy community. Remember who the Prince of The Air is, and that we are alive in the Age of The Air (Aquarius) Which means more healthy psychic boundaries are needed in this age than any other time in human history.

This is not to say that the “Sign” or “Age” of Aquarius is evil in and of itself but because the element of Air rules the collective conscious at this time the powers or frequency of that “ruler” can be and will be used to amplify the highest vibrations , and the lowest of the low., so for Aquarius this means (Air=Communication)

Let’s not forget in this age that the real war is still fought in prayer, meditation, and inner standing of our own truths.


The warfare is not against flesh and blood but..

#expansion #awareness  #unhooked

In order to expand you have to be unhooked, and cut unhealthy attachments.  Some people won’t follow people visibly, but in heart, and in reality they are watching them, and or secretly hoping that the person is watching them as well.  This will keep you attached to your past, and not being able to step into the new for sure.  This message has been in me since the last quarter of 2016. From there I unfollowed over half the people I was following in Instagram because reality is I don’t need any false cords or connections. That’s just giving away energy. In the name of “sharing”, but it’s also harvesting and ciphering other people’s energy as well. This is why some people love to follow “positive” people, “famous” people,  so they can harvest that energy. Well for me it became draining. I have limited my use of social networking all together and I definitely notice an energy shift.

Just this week I am dealing heavy in this area for myself I have went back and deleted a few things that I felt like people used to fuel themselves a topic. I like to share my experiences and feeling s but cord cutting goes right along with guarding your heart. Just like you wouldn’t allow someone to just walk into your home unannounced why would you just share your nearest and dearest with just anyone, or people who have decided to not hear you out in real time? We live in an age where we want to get our point across so bad that we will write blogs, make vids, ect hoping a person will “get it” lying to ourselves saying oh I’m just sharing… (I include myself in this) Well in my opinion if a person cared enough about what you really have to express they would be open to you in real life…. Accept your differences, value your voice, and move forward with those who align with your values. And stop bringing anything up regarding them or it…it’s just you wasting time and energy.


The heart chakra is related to the air element, so we can use the energy of this time for healing, clearing and balancing the heart energy center.

Wonder why so many relationship, and hearts have been broken because of “social networking” as of lately??

Air has the nature of freedom, but too much freedom can cause imbalance (infidelity, loose tongues, breaking of things (hearts) confusion, and also air has the power to make dirt rise–something we see a lot with “gossip blogs” and people re-posting other people’s gossip and “dirt”.


Sever ALL cords. “Ethernet Cords”  Spiritual Cords, Unfollow if you need to. This doesn’t make you a negative person it makes you a wise person setting healthy boundaries for yourself.


You can’t force anyone to disconnect from you via social networking , because you can’t block everyone on everything…( in real life this would be considered stalking).Keep praying and  totally disengage from dysfunctional communications on all levels in this Age. This includes watching, though you may not be following you are feeding the energetic/ psychic bond when you do so.

This is also the age where the gift of telepathy is heightened, but the deception or imbalance in this is when people don’t think they need to sit face to face and talk, which is very toxic. Telepathy is a form of communication but it does nothing but makes matters worse if you are not able to fully communicate face to face. You can find yourself arguing energetically and intuitionally with a person when you have the gift of telepathy.  If your connection with someone is no longer healthy it is a must that you cut energy cords at the third eye, crown, and throat to prevent “unwanted conversation”.  This will also help to bring the final closure you need.

Take the phone off the hook…Metaphysically.

Change your number (vibrations).

Paint a new picture (intuitively and literally) Painting and drawing the types of connections you want will assist in moving forward and cutting unhealthy cords permanently). It doesn’t take “talent” to do this just very strong intentions and some artistic tools.

Everything is about energy. The way you feel around certain people will tell you if this connection needs to be stopped or not.

“…but you can’t use my phone” -Mama Badu lol



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