I Am The Currency.


Don’t allow false responsibility to eclipse true unique self-expression, and desire. It doesn’t need to when you are living or creating a holistic life.

Responsibility (is the ability to respond).

How can you operate in true responsibility trying to respond in ways that don’t truly resonate with your being of self???????

Your true self has been eclipsed by lower vibration conditioning, childhood programming, lies, falsehood, generational slavery imprints, generational stress, a “lying down and taking it” syndrome (which is also generational from various forms slavery on every level).

Of course “responsibility” feels like a burden when you’re not being yourself.

Allow everything you touch to leave the imprint of your golden finger prints. When you are fully engaged in this life that’s the plan. No two finger prints are the same. How someone else views being “responsible” and how you view it will be totally different.   The subtle body won’t align with falsehood. It rejects it every time, and thus why dis-ease manifests.  No clones.  Thank The Most High Diviiinnneee! LOL


Everything created in nature is screaming ” BE YOURSELF.”

This is your bliss. Your reality.


Image result for gold fingerprint


..hmmm like Lauryn said …what a paradox having God trapped in a box…the whole time professing to be “spiritual”.


Self-governance.  Be Sovereign. BE.

True & honest responsible living is walking in your beingness at all times. This includes exchanging currency on all levels. You begin to look at abundance and “paying bills” different when you realize you’re just investing and exchanging for what you need/desire to express your deepest and highest.  Which you real-eyes isn’t what we’ve been conditioned to be-lie-eve we desire/need (yes desires can be conditioned too)

U n I are rich in every sense of the vibration of that word.  So everything is just free exchange really. Even if there is an exchange of money for service. You are truly getting what you pay for, but if you truly are being fulfilled by making this soul investment then it’s not paying a bill, or a loss it’s an even energy exchange.  Remember: it’s the lower vibration energies (chattel system that never really gave up that mentality (it’s still trapped in the subconscious of this nation that has created many (trap houses)..it’s their deep and highest desire to make everything feel like a “job” and a “burden’ because that’s the place where they thrive: to see others sick, and not fulfilled. When you reside only in your truth, and operate only from that place…your soul truly flies free like a willow tree..

This also goes for all other forms of self-care, desir and pleasure because really they are all the same. You do what resonates. When you are self-governed you know that you ARE the blueprint. You ingest, practice the loving that boosts, and maintains your energy field. The struggle is following your blueprint eternally, and resisting outside forces that attempt to coerce you otherwise. Of course we are receptive to wise counsel, but in my walk here any counsel I receive already resonates with what I’ve been shown. You feel when what’s being shared is for you to ingest.

You real-eyes, and so expect currency to flow from everywhere in every form. That’s a true abundance posture.

When you give do so freely.  Even if you have to re-gift.  I’ve decided to re-gift  because I haven’t always given freely in past realities. That’s my way of opening more portals of abundance and allowing that chi to flow. Open hand. Open Heart. I am full of thanks for regeneration, transmutation, and daily renewable energy. A nice dosage of “Let dat fertilizer go B.” LOL ..so it can grow some-bodies. 🙂

Psalm 62:10

“If riches increase, do not set your heart upon them.”

…& You won’t when you realize YOU ARE the treasure and the TRUE riches. The currency that never runs dry = eternal ….

Image result for eternal symbol


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