I am Plutonian.

(Pluto 1st House Conjunct Asc. in Libra)

I remember playing with my friends as a young child and getting the urge to walk off alone to have inner reflection, and depth conversation with self and my guides. My parents used to always tell me to stop talking to myself, but I never did. lol  I am sure I wouldn’t be able to navigate this vehicle of such a deep soul had I obeyed. We come through our earthly parents, but we definitely don’t belong to them. They are given the  mission to oversee us, not to own us, which is beautiful because in a lot of ways they can’t contain us. lol True Rebel (Age of Aquarius) feels. lol I appreciate my parents deeply too, but anyways this is not what this post is about.

So, I saw myself having a conversation with a friend I have yet to meet this morning, and a feeling of pure bliss came over me.

On my spiritual path I have found myself at times feeling uneasy at the fact that it was hard for me to have really deep communication exchanges with most of my nearest, and dearest. Especially as I in-volve I find this reality to be truer. (I know that’s not in the dictionary but I’m sovereign lol)

I have accepted my soul path as a Plutonian, and I realize as a reader of the stars, and constellations, and experiencing heightened self- assurance that I am going to begin to truly attract my soul tribe for this place on my journey. I am excited to see who these new level love bugs will be. I dunno what my multiversation was with my near future friend but it was truly fulfilling on multiple levels of existence/reality.

I am just so excited to be in alignment with myself and to be gifted the opportunity to communicate on multiple levels of existence with loves seen, and unseen.

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When something is truly fulfilling you don’t need a lot of it. Which is the Plutonian lifestyle/ reality. I know I won’t have many of these types of soul-journers (friends, guides, companions) on the journey but that has always been my desire. It’s merely a true reflection of me :Alysia or Buttons or Indigo..whichever you like..which is powerful, and fruitful connection over having a bunch of dis-connections in the name of “friendship”. After all, when you study compatibility, you inner-stand that everything has a purpose and time, and some connections will never have purpose or time. Discernment, deep acceptance of your soul path, and studying the stars is key.

When what you need, and what you desire are in alignment…there is pure bliss.

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