Higher Guidance Synchronicity


Meditation Art By: Indigoaesthetics

So the other day I felt my Grandfather explaining to me how he worked himself to death, and he was very stressed about his lifestyle, which contributed to his access tainted tobacco use, leading to cancer.

I grieved for him, and I said Granddad I am so sorry you felt you had to work yourself so hard. That was the first day I communed with him since he has taken on the higher vibration form of elder.

That same day at my lunch I decided to take a walk and what do I pass? A huge family of honeysuckles. I felt this was the synchronicity of our encounter. My grandparents had a huge family of honeysuckles right in our backyard that I would frequently commune with.

Synchronization is the main way Great Spirit communicates with me now-a-days.

Also in numbers. This was heavy with me a couple of years back, and now has returned, so I practice numerology.

Image result for ancestral communication

I also find that Spirit (Mother-Father) has been making me feel so very special. The other day I rode with a lyft drier and he was listening to Kendrick Lamar. I was enjoying it, but then randomly he said what would you really like to hear if you could hear anything right now. He asked with such rich anticipation, as if he was gifting me with something…you know like someone does when you have a personal relationship with them. I knew it was my divine parents..I said I want to hear Stevie Wonder, and so Superstition was my soundtrack the rest of the way to my destination.

I wrote this blog post to encourage you to seek awareness. Love is all around.

Bliss by Joseph Campbell:


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