Vision, Passsion and Errthang In Between




So I had realized like I am a visionary..I come up with so many ideas, that sometimes I mistake a vision or an idea for my passion. Well recently I woke up to this habit.

There was something that I could have done, but I found myself not being passionate about it right after I had planned to do it, which and I actually paid attention to how that felt, (which I hadn’t before because well if I came up with it what’s there to question) BUT that’s where I had been getting derailed sometime so now I’m hip. lol

No more just creating to create (though this has been far and few between now-a-days since I’m living my bliss). This new level of my inner sun rise has tempted my fingers a little more than I expected because the floodgates were always open, but now it feels like Moses has parted the Red Sea with my eye regeneration, and glow up. lol

My creativity is my currency, so I only invest it where my passion is brimming. I like to do many things at once, but I am changing that to focused, and harnessed freedom. This is more honest with my flow anyways.

I can give my ideas, and visions away because really I don’t have the true desire to manifest them all. I think I get them from the same pool of creativity as the rest of my spirit family and so next thing I look up someone has successfully manifested what came up in my higher minds view.  I get happy about that. I’ll just keep watching my fellow creatives do their thing while I continue in pure unapologetic passion, without wavering.


You can be free spirited with a harnessed energy and focus. They are not opposites, they actually serve one another in balance to enable us to manifest creatively at our highest.


For me it’s like being fixed a piece of toast versus being fixed a whole meal. I mean the toast is nice (visions, and ideas), but creativity (my true passion) for me is not a






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