Why All Else Is Sinking Sand……



Change is constantly happening in the All. Things are constantly dying to be reborn for another space, and or time. Some things will never return, so we must learn the lesson of valuing everything. This is the blueprint. How divine. And even more divine that I’ve accepted this internally, and have begun the sometimes arduous, and soul shaking task  beginning to re-build my value system based on the value system of the Ultimate Divine Truth.

I now truly see why Solomon said “it’s all vanity”….

Marriage- Sinking sand.

Children- Sinking Sand.

Friendship- Sinking Sand.

Earthly Parental relationships- Sinking Sand

Places of employment Sinking Sand.

Life Purpose- Sinking Sand.

These things are sand and not soil.

I have decided to anchor myself in the (soil) divine masculine energy, and life force that I just knew was non-existent for me (until I began to clear my root chakra and deal with my abandonment issues as it relates to my Father).

You can go to church all your life, and sing about your love for the Father but if you haven’t dealt with your root chakra those words are empty, (not in intent, but in full truth) and The Father still honors them because you DESIRE to see Him in His proper Lights, though even that has been distorted by religion.

This is especially taboo since we live in a Patriarchal society, and so the world “religions” all picture The Divine in male form mainly, and yet for a lot of us the masculine wound in our lives is one of the greatest to heal, and clear. They teach us to deify imbalance, and then on top of that we are raised with a sense of helplessness, and constantly searching for identity in what we are not familiar with, yet it is in our divine nature to yearn for and hinge our identities in.

I no longer look outside myself, or My Divine Father to anchor myself. I remember hearing my Ancestors say “my souls has been anchored in the Lord.

I can agree, though to me He is not Lord, he is my Dad.

Fathers don’t “Lord” over you. They protect you while allowing you room to grow and blossom, actually it’s their desire to see that. This is another place they have conditioned us to “fear” masculine energy, and accept unreasonable confinement, and build our lives on things that we don’t truly value at the core (root) but that they force-fed to us to value in our brokenness.

After trial of trying to control everything outside of your scope, and suffering in stress and dis-ease due to it you begin to take a deep look and realize the root is mistrust. And mistrust is not about trusting in people, or situations, or any physical thing, but it’s really about a mistrust in The Divine Father Masculine Energy that parents us all.  Provision, When you trust provision you are Rooted, but you flow.

The Root is The Father.

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  1. loose wet sand that yields easily to pressure and sucks in anything resting on or falling into it.
    (All else is like quicksand, which means it wasn’t created for you to hinge yourself to it, only to experience it (healthy detachment) but because you took root you suffered greatly. Be careful what you take root in. Be only rooted in The Most High!)
     I reflect on situations, and relationships I have had in this lifetime so far, and every issue in every one of them leads back to my root chakra issues. I believe the Most High shook these things up to show me that I wasn’t anchored where I needed to be, I wasn’t rooted in Him I didn’t truly trust Him.
    Also when we anchor ourselves in relationships we entagle ourselves in them and it creates stagnation and confusion, because they were not created to be our Source, just a resource, and resources are not eternal, but The Source (Father) Is. Amen?

From this reality I no longer take it personal when a person doesn’t trust me. I have no desire for trust. No one needs to trust me actually but my son because I am his first experience of The Divine Feminine on this plane of reality. You don’t have to trust people to love them. You do have to trust the Creator to love yourself and people though. I have always felt this way on a deep level. I just think it’s inordinate affections when we seek so hard to trust people because then that means we are looking to root ourselves in them, and that is unhealthy and misplaced attachment.

This emotional confused, co-dependent-narcissistic conditioning we have been conditioned to see as normal is why it is so easy for us to get entangled with the cares of this life, all the while neglecting TRUE life. (self= the body, mind, soul, and spirit)

So worried about who gets it, who sees it, who feels, who wants it..when in reality that’s the confidence that The Divine Father gives us when we are rooted in Him and our Divine Mother all else is literally sinking sand.

Even when our earthly Father’s are Present their love is limited to their human nature (generational battles, spiritual battles, traumas and more…) Even when seeking healing no one can offer us the perfect love that we came from.

I choose to find more ways to honor The Divine Masculine in my life. Because of my abandonment, it always felt so scarce for me. My Ancestors are reminding me that they are many, and they have had my back, and been watching me all along, but because they (many reflections of my Divine Father) are such Gentle Men they don’t proceed unless invited.

I find it interesting that the root chakra is formed between the ages of 1 and 7 years, given that the number 7 is the number of completion.

They are after our wholeness on every level, but can’t penetrate because I KNOW my Father 🙂

I love you Granddad.

Free. In deed.

Acts 17:28
“For in Him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are His offspring.'”


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Image result for root chakra meditation







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