Go Inside and Get Some Sunshine


Stand in your personal power.

Will to smile, laugh, sing, express, create freely from your light.

Most people who complain about chronic fatigue have people pleasing tendencies, and are uncomfortable with setting personal boundaries around their rawness/realness/identity.

Your soular plexus is your halo.

Are you selling your soul?

They know.

They were after Yashuah’s halo,

He was son shining as one of the many reflections of the vast Great Mother/Father that everything in nature reflects.

Light repels, and light uncovers.

Light encourages growth, and light awakens.

Light burns up what is no longer serving.

Light kills toxic shame,

Light severs toxic ties,

Light is strong, and powerful.

Unwavering and consistent,

Are you moving at the speed of your light?

You have a right to exist.

Sever ties that bind.

Light is expansive, not confining,

Light travels,

Create light exchanges none less than freedom, and full presence.

Learn yourself,

Honor yourself,

Be yourself







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