My Re-Birth Story



“intiation” by: indigoaesthetics


Giving birth for me has been an initiation into a deeper and higher level of my divine purpose to be a woman, nurture, protector, and a warrioress spiritually for my ancestors, and seeds of my fertile grounds. It’s funny because I feel like I am raising my father. My son looks so much like my father. I never had a relationship with my father, so I find this to be a Divine “haha” moment at times. It makes me smile and laugh. My son is a reminder to me to find ways to re-ignite the divine order to deeply honor, and cherish the divine masculine, by allowing me to heal my inner child and push through my own issues of abuse, and fears of masculine energy ( or imbalanced masculine energy)by allowing my naatural love for my son to shine through. The postpartum phase has been full of naatural experiences, that seem supernaaatural, but there is nothing more super than natural you know what I mean? Just real-eye-seeing this human experience in full, as is—wombman, means truly experiencing the unfathomable. To be deeply transformed from the root to the petals. An initiation. There’s nothing “sci –fi’ about that. Just the real ceremonies and initiations (sometimes unseen to the eyes) of being chosen for the highest order of things.  Shamanic love cosmic earth I feel it’s a form of royal priestess hood.

Giving birth has taken me deeper into acceptance, and totally being rooted in love toward my view of my sacred sexuality, bodies, and desires.

 I am new forever.


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