Chosen for Regeneration



Sometimes a bunch of drama, chaos, confusion, war, terror, “attacks”, scares, and more have to continuously happen for people to take action.

This is a reflection of the state of the sacral of individuals, and the collective sacral energy.

Choosing to numb the holy intuition and other times simply being desensitized.

When the sacral chakra is blown out or imbalanced it takes many “happenings” & “signs” outside ourselves to get us to focus within, and seek instruction, when living in balance being tuned in is the naatral way of life.

I was in that place once.

As I child I always desired balance (I am Libra Rising) but due to the natural imbalances that come from being birthed into this dense, already heavily desensitized plane I realized quick that my pure heart, and fiery , loving heart energy (Leo moon) had no place, and so, as many of my brethren, and sistren I assimilated.

It should not take you and I to be diagnosed with something to take care of our bodies/temple/shrines, or the earth. We should always be in commUNION with what nurtures us, but most of us don’t naturally feel nurtured, and so we are unaware of that natural attachment. We were not taught the value of our bodies, and the importance of connecting with our bodies as children, and for many of us our bodies was targeted by the source of  pain, injustice, abuse, and judgment. Trauma transformed us and shaped us into something we couldn’t recognize.

It should not take something devastating for us to get in tune with nature and spirit.

This is where healing steps in, but the heart must be circumcised, or we will be like the heathen, yes seeking healing, but with a veil of abuse on top and we will approach everything like a ravenous wolf buying up too many crystals, buying too many herb, basically abusing what was put here for healing of the nations. When you don’t feel alive you don’t feel connected to earth because the earth is alive, well, flourishing, and fertile.

We live in a time where people are running back to nature ( some of my crystals spoke this to me the other night)  not from a pure place of yearning but because they see what’s happening all around, and they fear. Well it is natural to run home to your mother out of fear, but do you seek her any other time? There is no condemnation in that but how far estranged are we from mother earth, and our divine parents to have to see the worst of the worst things to return to the truth?

This is why there is a purge and separation happening from our divine parents.

The ones who seek the truth not because of fear of deception, but because it’s naturally what they seek, and have been seeking since inception. We are being separated from those who are chasing “new age fads”.

When I speak of separation I am not talking about physical separation I am talking about distinction & peculiarity, which does sometimes call for physical separation.

Wheats from tares..ya know?

We (salt of the earth, light of the world) have a pure longing and desire for righteousness ( balance). And purity. We know what Maaters most.

Salt is detoxifying so we are the purge.

Though, some have been tainted due to trying to assimilate we are now seeking baptism, and rising.

Yahweh desires a sacrifice, but what the mother father truly wants is obedience from the heart.

How would you like it if someone kept doing the opposite of what you asked only because they knew all they had to do was make a sacrifice, and they would be back in good graces with you?

That relationship wouldn’t feel genuine now would it? Lol

No shade in the marvelous light.

The cross is a symbol of balance the anhk is a symbol of balance, the OM, and the yin and yang are symbols of balance, The Tree of Life is a symbol of balance. The whole earth yearn for balance (to return to the original state), but who will humble themselves, pray seek Yah’s face and turn from wickedness?

We are the chosen generation. The royal priesthood …

1 Peter 2:9

But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;

…The darkness of trauma, the darkness of abuse, the darkness of poison, the darkness of stupidity, violence, coarse jesting, dishonor, and foolishness.

Psalm 46:10

Aramaic Bible in Plain English
Return and know that I AM GOD. I am exalted among the nations and I am exalted in the Earth.






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