High Attraction Exchanges



We hoard because we are not in touch with our true desires.

I am woman so I love jewelry, this is what prompted this post LOL

I am now gravitating to only the highest attraction for myself.

From children we are often programmed to believe that variety or more is better and “proves” to  people that you are not poor and can afford many things (in my community/culture) we just BUY BUY BUY and squander personal power, unique expression, desire, resources, and currency…yeah that’s a lot of energy to give away just to uphold an appearance, and still not be fulfilled.

I don’t spend just to spend anymore. Strong desire, need, and worth are the barometer.

This also allows me to exchange at my highest and best not just for self but for other artisans. As an artist I create with passion, and so I like to attract passionate exchanges.

Now-a-days I would rather buy I’d say about 3 pairs of earring and rotate them until something else matches me because I would only be purchasing what I am deeply attracted to (what is attracted to me) so I don’t feel the desire to buy 15 pair just for “variety”. Creativity and making the most out of what appears to be little is my strong suite…so I am right at home. ❤

Less is truly more today.

Off to exchange . 🙂


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