Iron Sharpens Iron





Iron does sharpen iron but not without friction….

Don’t expect to walk around floating on a cloud of un-realities on your journey.

Being aware means knowing your personal power coupled with your gifts will bring you right in the eye of a storm, not to harm you, but to arm you because when you are at the place of choosing  to look with the true eye to see spiritual warfare has no special picks and special choosings, and that all of us are chosen, so all of us need to grow, and understand that there is never any progress without friction.

Being comfortably discomforted is my new chill.

To be sharpened means to be polished, cut, but also shining, and brand new. So yes I’m here for the newness. lol

I look back on my life and things I thought were going to kill me because the pain seemed so unbearable at the time, actually didn’t and I’m still here and new because of my experiences.

I am thankful that I no longer resist I just persist, and it feels sooooo deeply good.

Don’t resist. Flow with everything that comes.

Also Iron in the body is usually stored in the liver, and that’s the area of the solar plexus energy center (Personal Power, Self Esteem, and confidence). So..the more refining the more shining.

Now some of us are so accustomed to abuse that we don’t recognize when something or someone has not come to sharpen but has come to steal, kill and destroy. Discernment is beneficial on the walk to distinguish. Just because someone tells you the truth doesn’t mean that their motives are pure, but I am learning to look past the motive to the truth. If it’s truth it can be accepted from any light. This also calls for the humility, and non-judgement to be ready in the arsenal…

If someone is tearing you at the seams in the name of love it’s easy discern when you have began to heal from abuse. Also it’s good to check in with others on your journey and get a objective observation if you need to, so you will have more clarity, and be able to protect yourself, and love from a distance if necessary.

I am thankful for every sign post, every warning, every light, every wake up call…


Remember the covenant:: (The rainbow: completion: wholeness:.. the whole story, not just the part that seems like the end because of all the suspense lol)

I realized this on a higher and deeper level today, so here I am hitting the publish button.






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