My Lively & Lit Handmade Ear Expressions

August 1, 2017 get yourn *in my Nelly voice* lol

fertile illuminations is…..

a seasonal collection of art I manifested in sheer obedience to my intuition. I am pressing toward my higher self, and in honor of her this art was birthed with the purpose to invite you to share in my energy to nurture, re-birth, bloom, grow, expand, and plant seeds in fertile places (physically and spiritually).

This summer soulstice is inviting very warm and bright energies surrounding motherhood, beauty, and artistic self expression for me via exchanging ear accessories, and adornments.

It’s also festival time, and I feel very festive artistically.

Adorning with the intent of encouraging connection to earth, by using natural banana silk yarn (fibers made from wood pulp) & natural beads.



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