Personal Prayer & Psalm Share


Divine Most High please cleanse us with hyssop, removing anything that is no longer rendering good cheer, faithfulness, self-honor, earth honor, the collective honor, and respect for one another. If this is an hour for fasting assist us in turning down our plates, and our appetites and longings to be totally sustaining byway of the  Sun, Water, and your omnipresence. Beautiful are your handiwork, and my soul knows so well. Let us desire a deeper inner standing of the value of life, and appreciation for every life force that we connect with on our journeys today.  Amen.

Psalm 37:11

But the meek [in the end] shall inherit the earth and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.


A Personal Psalm Share:

The sun was not created to burn us. We are people of the Sun.

Yes a fire will burn up all that is not purified on this level of existence, but what kind of fire?

Why do people assume sun fire? Why do people erroneously teach it’s sun fire?

You are loving my Elohim, and I know you would not create in contradiction to yourself.

Why spread lies of coming doom and destruction, when you clearly promised life eternal,

At the same time the only ones with need of fear are the ones that won’t inherit.

Yah I know you…. you never destroy without restoring, even at our most disobedient.

I trust, because I’m true.


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