Restoration is Now.

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Joel 2:25 Amplified Bible (AMP)

“And I will compensate you for the years
That the swarming locust has eaten,
The creeping locust, the stripping locust, and the gnawing locust—
My great army which I sent among you.

The natural function and desire of a locust is to eat up goods. Eat up harvest. Eat up the bounty, and fertile, and abundant. Their job is to strip and damage, which I find out when they are chilling in their natural habitat is perfectly fine, and necessary (nothing The Most High created is futile, or without purpose) so when a locust eats away at what is needed for your sustenance, your livity, your shining, your very fiber, and fabric of being then what are you to do?

Like grasshoppers Locusts can be solitary, when the population is low; tending to their habitat, but when they breed, and mingle they multiply very quickly and they become ravenous, and that’s where the devouring takes place. (and this is also natural) lol

A single strand is hard to break, but try 3 or 4 or a swarm…lol

In my inner-terpretation this is why we experience repeated hurts, and traumas in our lives: To reinforce hurt, and pain deeper, and deeper because you’re being re-wounded over and over again, in the same place but that posture can impress upon  you to bow your head in defeat or in meditation, surrender, wisdom, love, restoration, and eventually joy.

I can look over my life and see where I had been targeted by many locust, and how I have also been a locust myself, and the blessing is that no matter who or what attempted to eat at us, or we attempted to eat (in choosing death over life ) the Most High restores ALL, and compensates us for this time.

Real-eye-seeing it is all for my benefit, and the benefit of others I am thankful for every locust, and my experience in being one because that is not my divine birthright, nor natural function. When we are disassociated from our first nature we make maaters imbalanced (worse) than what we found them.

I want to be the balance.

Allowing The Divine to be the true restorer, and when my hand is moved to help in that I am a ready and willing vessel.

All Thanks and Praises to The Most High,

And Thanks and Praises for all of my sisters and brothers (guides, food, herb, herb & food lol, all of nature, men, wombman, and children, music, art, color, scent, sound who have come along and will come along with the spark to assist in my restoration, therefore encouraging me to reproduce.

We must truly rest in peace NOW, not later, because the only time is NOW… to be restored.




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