๐ŸŒบ Animamundi Herbals: Healthy Lungs Botanical Smoke Blend Review ๐ŸŒบ






This is my very first time trying this blend, and it is beautiful.

It makes you feel beautiful, and relaxed. The energy is very high with this blend.

When I pulled the first puff it was sweet, and tantalizing, and so I continued. I also experienced very smooth pulls. I used Raw Papers. I combined it with a blend of something that was not in it’s original state to allow that particular herb to be healed in way, and I feel it did heal it by being entwined with the truth.

I know this is a product review but it’s so amazing how when we surround ourselves with the truth (people who remind us of our origins because they are in their organic state, not perfected state but in their truth on the spiral) even when our identity feels like it is in question, or we have been tampered with how that alone raises our vibrations back to jump-start the “remembering”. I felt this is what took place with these herbs combined with an herb that could use that comradery and healing, as I was led to do this in SUNday morning’s session.


Of course it’s THC, and tobacco free. Both are as divine as any one used in this blend, but I have learned from experience that when our relationship to earth is limited, and not truly intimate we overuse the same herbs, flowers, plants ect.. over and over again, and we don’t access the full abundance, and therefore experience the full spectrum of healing as we could.

I ordered my blend form Amazon. It’s amazing is all I can say.

I highly recommend it.



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