Earth Herbs. Messages. Purpose.  Yahweh is doing A New Ting lol

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The earth is home,

The earth and the FULLNESS thereof belongs to Yahweh.

Earth is the only physical home we know after we exit the womb.

I have had a deep connection to nature I would say since I was a child but actually it was in me before I was even formed in my mother’s womb.  When I was formed the  blood of my Grandfather, Grandmother, Aunts, Mother,  and other ancestors of mine who also had, and still has a deep connection, and strong affinity, and purpose in relation to stewardship, and cultivation as it relates to land, and herb heightened this affinity and calling for me.

It feels so good to be back in my true element, and exploring on a deeper level my purpose.

Such a strong feeling came over me yesterday in particular that really raised the vibration of my connection to my true purpose, and I am ready to fulfill what I am here to do unwavering, unapologetic, and with deep joy, appreciation, and uniqueness.

I am thankful to my Grandfather for smelling of fresh cut grass every day (he worked for the Department of Interior US National Park Service, and he was a grounds Supervisor/Trainer for all parks in Northern Virginia), and my Aunts and mom who almost instinctively just know how to care for and cultivate plant, and flowers.

I remember a while back my mom said she always wanted to work for the Department of Agriculture and plant flowers here in DC as her job. I smiled because I can see why I have such a passion to carry the torch in my bloodline.

I know my gift is to ignite re-connection and healing for the black church in particular. I have never heard of a church having a herbalism ministry so-to-speak but that doesn’t mean you won’t see me spearheading one in the near future 🙂

An Apple fresh off the tree in Seattle 🙂


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Our gifts will make room for us. The key is to stand in that and not allow people to stick you where they think you should be in the church based on old paradigms and the familiar.

I am truly a leader by nature so I just can’t go with the flow if that’s not the flow  you know?

I am in prayer because I know I won’t do this alone. I foresee us walking in church with or herbs, and crystals, and totally changing the paradigm. I mean it is a New Age right? lol

Where my sisters and brother’s at? Lol Even the ones who have come out of the church or religion but not out of true reverence to the Most High.

Now is preparation time because room is currently being made.


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