Flower Power

FLOWERESSENCE1Since investing more, and more of my time cultivating my relationship with Mother Earth I truly have fallen in love, all over again with flowers.

..I mean who doesn’t just love flowers? They’re soft, unique, colorful, beautiful, and smell amazing… There are many benefits to befriending flowers…so  here’s a few:

Flowers gift us with color therapy, aromatherapy, high vibration energy exchange, body care, as well as holistic healing, and subsistence (food).

My besties are the Sunflower, and Black Eyed- Susan , which matches with my vibration according to my blueprint/ birth chart naturally anyways.. 🙂 (I came in on the vibe-rate of Moon in Leo)

I am finding at this place on my spiral that deepening my relationship with nature has also awakened a greater sensitivity in me in regards to relating inter personally with humans as well.  I am beginning to see how sensitive, yet strong and fertile, and beautiful, and all encompassing balanced relationships truly are.  This has bought me to another step forward in my balancing, and clearing in my sacral center.

I am truly IN-JOYING that I am my only best friend because of these natural experiences, and cultivating what’s right under my feet so-to-speak on a deeper level. I have such a stable, loving, honest, and beautiful friend in myself, and that’s enough for me forever. Nature has brought me back to that place of seeing what I already have, and not overlooking myself, and others who have taken the time to water me, and give me sunlight, and love on me, and I must say I am mightily abundant in many ways. I am Plutonian so it’s really not in my natural blueprint or design, or even desire to have a lot of “friends”  or even connections for that matter in number but the ones I do have will be abundant and versatile in so many ways and just what I need so I am i-ternally full of thanks for that. I do have the privilege of being connected to those in far lands, and who are popular so-to-speak because my Leo Moon is in the 10th house, and it brings connection with people n authority, and highly creative, and famous individuals. I don’t glory in this it’s just the natural part of my design, and I am also real enough with myself to know that these people don’t sit and eat dinner with me, they don’t see me in my day-to-day so while yes there is mutual artistic admiration that’s as far as it goes and I am completely satisfied with that. I don’t seek fame, but as Leo Moon i must shine, and I must say I do 🙂 Naturally. Just like the Sunflower.

Flowers have taught me contentment in a climate that praises doing more, hanging out with more, sharing more, and striving more.  And being “successful”. I don’t even identify with that word. I do identify with the feeling that overcomes me when I change my son’s diapers..just the connection and nurturing, or exfoliating my skin, or singing, or feeling the wind blow, or greeting the sun, making love, and cooking. That’s what’s real to me. Success is so many different things to so many different people, and because of that it’s an illusion. I choose not to even try to identify with titles that just don’t resonate with my vibe.


flower anatomy

I’d rather just chill in my sunlight, be watered (receptive), bloom beautifully, and be.

Flowers are just so chill, and they teach me the wisdom of what I am is just enough. If I chose not to heal any deeper Love is always the undercurrent and overcurrent of my life, so within that there is no strife only life everlasting, and eternal beauty and grace in trusting.

Flowers have also encouraged me to begin the journey of freeforming my crown.

How beautiful we are in our unplucked state 🙂

After all I am Cancer North Node, so the Sacral energy center that flowers assist in healing and balancing is where I am most at home. ❤



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