Humor in Awareness, and a Share

I always find humor in awareness, but when you combine humor and awareness that’s just awesome. LOL

Well since Pluto is doing a whammy on me right now by allowing me to face my darkness on a deeper level kinda like the darkness when it gets dark outside down south , rather than the city darkness, which is full of street, and car lights. lol Well yeah that’s where I am so I found this above post to be very non coincidental in it’s findings of my gaze. lol

I find humor in the fact that in my community if you’ve had an issue , or ailment or have been living in a very dis-associative state, or you’ve just been the “non-woke” you.. being you chilling in the cut that as soon as you pop in a yoni egg, loc your hair, learn a chant or two, or you can hold a yoga pose then you’re all of a sudden FREE, and full of “light” and a guru, and a shaman, and all these things which is still a form of striving and not being true to self, because you’re still chasing a title, and recognition and striving to be what you already are in the truth which is whole, you just have to do the work to heal, for yourself, not for anyone else, or for recognition or to be seen, or not to be worthy of ANYTHING because you are worthy because you exist. Now in your existing there is nothing wrong with delighting in the clean versus the unclean because you see from a new perspective. BUT in the age we are now occupying people actually want to heal just to give consultations, and to make a business out of healing because it’s the popular thing to do…hmm doesn’t sound authentic to me at all…. when you feel that people need to run to you for advice, healing, ect…. that is sick to me, because healing doesn’t come from anywhere but inside yourself. Going within and accepting the Most High’s instructions and guidance, so you can be of service, that yes may land you a paying job or may encourage you to initiate a start-up, BUT  this is not the case for everyone, so we still must be aware and have discernment. This is why I love these posts the mosts. It’s real.

Remaining true to myself has taught me that I need nothing but The Most High, and my intuition as my source.  Let’s be real it’s tempting to go searching outside yourself just to be “in the the in crowd” I don’t really know what that feels like I am Mars in Aquarius and I never fit in but with other weirdos so I don’t even try, and now I don’t even desire. lol Now, yes I a semi-freeforming, yes I do use Yoni Eggs, and in fact Smokey Quartz is the bomb on so many different levels. I actually had a very outer-but yet still very present deep inner body spiritual experience yesterday using mine. But all these things are not to gain attention, followers, friends, or comrades, or even to feel worthy or to deny my reality, and definitley not to look down on others who are not “woke” I am so tired of seeing that shit, lol I do these things because I very aware of my shadow (Plutonian to thee core), and I don’t seek to pretend to be something for eyes to gauge but I have no real connection to others.. I love heart to heart.. just in love, and not in or out of anything else.

I am not a healer, though I can share, and I do share with others my experiences. Like you 🙂

I am not a guru, though I have mastered some things within my habitual subconscious that were going to kill me if I didn’t.

 I am flesh and blood, and bones.  Light some days, and darkness on others, depending on who you ask, and their experience and perspective, and I honor both. and I am cool with that. Who doesn’t like to wear all black? Who’s not black and proud??  Darkness is very grounding, and I love that (Capricorisms) lol

I was made from love, and because this dense plane has taught me so many unloving ways, and I already came from my mother’s womb knowing how to be the opposite of love it has really given me an opportunity to be aware of the love I was created from, and to reflect that nature, and not the opposite. It has also given me the experience to see that like my Divine parents I have the power to create , and to destroy, and no matter how much I learn about love I still have that power, and there is a time for both. And the key is mastering self enough to know what time it is. 🙂

I find it more important to give glory to the ALL SHINING ONE, than to claim light as my own. I am many things, and yes while light is one of them I choose to glory in nothing.









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