Malachite: The “Maater” of Heart Print Reprogramming ( My Personal Experience)


Malachite has been assisting me greatly here lately and it packs a punch *in my Dave Chappelle voice* lol. Malachite is right in your face, quick, and to the point with matters of the heart, and I love that. It’s now one of my personal mastery stones.

I have massaged (using coconut oil, Maryland Tap Shower Water, and some strong ass Plutonian intent) the emotional attachments to thoughts (of others, and their ways of being in the sense of their beliefs, practices, decisions ect..), lifestyles, ideas, and anything of the such out of my chest/breast/heart center. Now I’m working that shit out of my body because I really don’t care anymore. It’s making room for more nurturing of myself, and others who I love, and allowing the same to be returned to me fully.

(I think Sagittarius in Uranus generations can really use to reflect on this individually. We are pioneers in changing the world, but we must still set healthy boundaries, and realize that change doesn’t BELONG to us we are merely catalyst, and only by the change we create in our day-to-day existence, AND even with this we still must not attach how we feel to the choices that other people make. That’s not healthy.) This is just my personal opinion/ personal revelation.

NOW I am aware to operate fluidly allowing myself to be. I only desire to experience, feel and release. Only taking to heart what’s necessary not to overwork it or overload it. Also establishing stronger personal boundaries as to not take so much in from others no matter how intimate I choose to be with them. Intimacy is an exchange. When exchange becomes imbalanced it manifests as martyr/codependent and controller/narcissistic.

Water is connected to the sacral. Water is emotion, emotion is water. When we let go of our emotional attachment to ideals, religious systems, schools of thought, and rhetoric we truly exist as human, and we are able to navigate at the speed of light, and at the stillness of darkness. We are able to be aware, and not have to put out hearts into everything we deem at “truthful”. We don’t have to defend our truths there. We just live them, and share them, and exchange intimately with those who may share some of them. Evolving is forever, and so to choose not to attach yourself to any one ideal at the heart level is true sovereignty. The heart is what matters most and always will. Ha. My first blog was called Her Heart Matters…that just came to me…what a revelation..anyways yeah. Just my view.


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