Higher Guidance Synchronicity

  So the other day I felt my Grandfather explaining to me how he worked himself to death, and he was very stressed about his lifestyle, which contributed to his access tainted tobacco use, leading to cancer. I grieved for him, and I said Granddad I am so sorry you felt you had to work […]

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I am Plutonian. (Pluto 1st House Conjunct Asc. in Libra) I remember playing with my friends as a young child and getting the urge to walk off alone to have inner reflection, and depth conversation with self and my guides. My parents used to always tell me to stop talking to myself, but I never […]

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I Am The Currency.

Don’t allow false responsibility to eclipse true unique self-expression, and desire. It doesn’t need to when you are living or creating a holistic life. Responsibility (is the ability to respond). How can you operate in true responsibility trying to respond in ways that don’t truly resonate with your being of self??????? Your true self has […]

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..So I am tuned in to some Sade   connecting with some healing, relaxing, and rejuvenating energies and the InIverse introduces me to this bliss-bringer (Carole Bourne). I smile. The Floacist was my first sound therapy of today.   Gifts are gifts. I am always thankful for my receptivity of newness in spite of many attempts […]

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Natural Treasures for Cord Cutting/ Soul Agreements and Revelations on Expansion

Herbal Ritual Purification Bath Blend In a large glass jar or canister combine: 1/2 cup dried lavender flower 1/2 cup dried rosemary leaf 1/2 cup dried peppermint leaf 1/4 cup dried sage leaf 1/4 cup dried valerian root, (optional) One cup sea salt Read more: http://healingbase.com/herbs-for-purification/#ixzz4fw4FfHT0   Cord Cutting Earthen Treasures: Amber (psychic shielding), Amethyst […]

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Are you Hooked?

We ARE the vessels of gold at the beginning and end of the rainbow. You ARE the light at the end of the tunnel. Expansion. Singularity first, and then addition. This is the order of the universe. The divine order/ mathematics of The Great Spirit (Mother/Father Perfect Balance) in which all praises and honor is due forever, […]

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